Etsy new graphic for shops


Starting from 5th of April, Etsy shops began to change graphic, one after another. Effectively, around 3 weeks before, the Etsy staff presented the new home page for shops. They are now structured as one unique screen that includes all pages it was previous composed of.


On the top we can see a new cover. It’s minimum dimensions are 1200x300px and the suggested once are 3360x840px. What’s the difference between the two kind of dimensions? A little improvement in terms of quality of the image. In fact a cover uploaded with lower dimensions, will appear a little blurry compared to the suggested dimensions one.
Underneath the cover, there are the shop name with the subtitle, the icon and statistics, moreover the photo of the seller stand out, and acquire importance.


Now, there is also the possibility to put in evidence 4 listings of the shop, going in the manage listings section and clicking on the star under the article that we want to put in evidence. You can select more then one listing, in this case, if some of them are sold out (no more quantity available) another one would take them place.
Some practical links (that you have to notice however), always on the top of the screen, even when we scroll the page, allow us to easily surfing through the page, so we can easily reach the reviews, or listings, or all other sections.
Another positive change introduced is the increased number of the sections, from 10 to 15.

Final considerations
In an overall view the new homepage has a pleasant graphic, nothing to say about this, but is it perhaps too long? The selling conditions, very important for some shops, have been placed last, in the bottom area and are not so visible for a possible buyer.
Furthermore, Etsy has proposed some prepackaged conditions that will give, to shops that’ll use them, a bonus in terms of positioning in searches. All of this aims to fill the conditions for those shops that never worried about write them down. Even if on one side this is positive for buyer, on the other side this is disadvantageous for who worked on them, explaining in details what it’s job consist of and everything about the shop, especially for those shops that have particular listings, so 4 totally generically lines are almost useless.
Who has right? We will see only living!

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