My Etsy shop and why I called it that way


I’ve decided to narrate you the story of my little Etsy shop and how it is born and why I’ve choose to name it “GiuliaBelfioriGadget”, because I think is a funny story and it may be in handy to anyone who wants to start an own shop on Etsy.

At the beginning I had only a facebook page, where I used to publish my designs for tees that I was enjoying to create (and they are still present on my page in an appropriate album) for websites like RedBubble or NeatoShop. Surfing the web, through similar pages, I discovered that there was lots of talented artists whom were creating jewelry, based on they’re graphic works, like necklaces with colorful cameos. Considered that I had some designs apart, because I were publishing them on above mentioned sites, I decided to try too and on the 2nd of November 2014, I opened my Etsy shop with the help of Noemi, a very kind girl, owner of the GurenShop, whom teach me the bases and donate my the first 40 free listings.

One of my first necklaces with cameo.

So, that’s the way my adventure began on Etsy, selling jewelry. Exactly, when I opened my shop in the far away 2014, I did not occupy of digital materials and that’s why I decided to name my shop GiuliaBelfioriGadget, so it could sound like “Gadgets of Giulia Belfiori”, even if, thinking of today, I should use plural for “gadgets”!
Maybe today my shop name can appear a little weird, and to be honest I could change it, but I didn’t want to change all the read me files with my shop name… but let’s go on, the story is not over yet! How did I arrive to digital materials?
I didn’t have very clear ideas about how I intend to go on, and I was trying to make some publicity with my facebook page, publishing photos of my creations (the proof is an album existing still today). I tried very clumsily and without any success, to let myself notate in the web, especially on facebook, for about 3-4 month, before surrender and resign myself that world of jewelry was not for me. To be honest, inside me I was burning for the defeat, and because I instead had some little success with my designs, so I hypothesize and hybrid solution.

One of my last creations, during the period when my shop was selling both digital materials and bijouxs. It glows in the dark and the name is the product of the collaborations with a group of my dearest friends!

What I had in mind, was attempt to selling both bijouxs, and first digital creations (some digital papers). On 1st June 2015, I reopened my shop, after a pair of months of stop, with a mixed assortment of bijouxs and digital papers. The 8th of July 2015 finally, I had my first sale! From that day, I started noticing some kind of interest for my papers, instead of the ignorance of bijouxs, so in the end, I decided to come back to the origins and work again with graphic, a field where evidently I have more experience and more success. I let my jewelry listings expire and uploaded new listings on digital materials, trying to publish something different, from papers, to banners, and to all you can see today.

My first pack of sold papers! Cha-ching!

Today, I am happy of my decision and even to have tried something different, because I think that is always useful to test ourselves, and learn something new. However, after this short story, if there is an advice I think I give to someone else whom maybe want to open an own shop, is to concentrate only on what you really love and never stop believe in it. Dedication, study, and will can take as far away! Oh, and maybe you should not miss the 40 free listings, they always come in handy!
And this is all, my tale is end, but my story still continue today! Thanks for have read it!

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