The website is back!


Finally, after months, I’ve succeeded in rebuilding my website, blog included. To be honest, it’s not completed yet, few contents still needs to be added, and some graphic element is temporary, but I’ve decided to, let me say, “open to the public”.
Surely this new version of the website will include some news compared to the old one, and the first is, without any doubt, the double language. In fact, website and blog are available both in italian and english. About this… my first language is Italian (I live in Rome) so please, be patient with me and forgive me if I make some grammar errors! However, unfortunately old articles have been lost, so considering I have to start all over again, I’ve decided to bring something different in this space. First of all, differently from the older version, I’ll avoid to write about too different matters, and I’ll concentrate about my work and my studying field (that is graphic). Furthermore, I’d like to publish articles with weekly frequency and I’d like to start some correlate articles about a specific matter.
I still have to define all the details, but I hope to obtain a satisfying work at the end!
Thanks for reading this first article and see you next week!

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